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We are thrilled with the success of our retail brand, vEEF®, which was stocked in Woolworths within a year of launching.

Our inaugural product, Smoky BBQ Burger Patties, quickly became popular with Australia’s vegan and flexitarian communities for their exceptional taste and texture. Having exported the product to Singapore, two years after its domestic launch, we are now seeing the patty’s popularity grow overseas.

With a Research and Development Department focused solely on the innovation of new plant-based meats, we are excited to be launching several new products in the coming months.

To learn more about the vEEF® brand and range visit our website below.

Get ready to blow your taste buds away!

Love BUDS is our scrumptious foodservice-exclusive range of plant-based proteins. And… You won’t believe they’re not meat!

Available in all the formats customers are hunting down, delivered frozen and ready to be heated and served, Love BUDS is a dream for your commercial kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get grilled!
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