Fenn Foods was the brainchild of Michelin star chef Alejandro Cancino, based at three hatted restaurant Urbane in Brisbane at the time of conception.

Realising that the quality of plant-based food available in a Food Service capacity at the time was subpar, he decided to dip his toe in the waters of food production himself and create the exact kind of products he was looking for.

Starting with a small range of plant-based condiments and cheeses, Fenn Foods was born, and soon branched into a more niche market of plant-based meats – an area that again was highly underutilised at the time. As the business started to grow, Alejandro and his wife Paola, along with their young daughter Lola, took a chance in 2018 and made the decision to move to the Sunshine Coast and focus completely on Fenn Foods. Based on Queensland’s serene Sunshine Coast, the passionate plant-powered family and team behind these delectable products is excited to share its expanding range of flavoursome, umami-rich plant-based meats and more with food-loving people seeking sustainable and appetising alternatives.

paola and alejandro holding boxes

Since then, production of our plant-based meats has grown so rapidly as to require, at the beginning of 2020, a brand new 1000sqm production facility to cope with demand.

Now, we feature a full range of delicious plant-based products, available in both Retail and Food Service throughout Australia and now internationally as well. Plus, our Research & Development team are constantly working hard creating and improving, so there are always exciting new developments in the making.